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Wholesale7.net is an online e-commerce discount site that offers fashion apparel and accessories that mimic high class styles from the fashion industry. Customers can find all their favorites at bargain prices. Wholesale7.net is like an immense mall-size walk-in closet full of choice clothing stores that are all conveniently accessible in place. All the fashionable pieces that are you looking for are within arm’s reach from the comfort of your computer.

Every day is a sale day when shopping at Wholesale7.net as they offer very competitive prices on all their merchandise. When you visit their site, look for daily deals and promotions plus stock sales and clearance blowouts for the best prices. As an added perk, Wholesale7.net also offers customers the option to register for a free Points Mall account so they can earn dividend points that they can apply to their purchases to save even more money.


Wholesale7.net maintains its business in Guangdong, China. The company is able to offer their customers a wide selection of fashion apparel and accessories at deeply discounted wholesale prices. The company fills a popular niche in the e-commerce market by giving their customers high quality designer pieces and accessories that are just as good as their more expensive brand name products.

The overall shopping experience when visiting the Wholesale7.net site can be exciting as there are always promotional sales and product clearances being featured. The low prices alone are something that draws in customers and keeps them coming back for more. Who doesn’t want to save money on top fashion clothing and accessories?

The product line offered by Wholesale7.net lets customers get everything on their shopping list in just one place without the need to visit other sites. All four seasons are covered within the merchandise offerings so customers can get cardigans and coats for the fall and winter along with lighter apparel for the spring and summer. No one will ever know that the gorgeous dress you are wearing was snapped up for under $20.


Wholesale7.net sells a wide line of women’s fashions and accessories including tops, outerwear, pants, lingerie, jeans, pullovers, pajamas, and much more. Wholesale shoe offerings include sandals, flats, platforms, wedges, slippers, and fashionable pumps. Women can browse the latest fashion apparel and get a fantastic deal on Bohemian, halter, maxi, strapless, and special occasion dresses.

Fashion apparel for men includes polo shirts, tanks and vests, suits, shirts, hoodies, sweaters and cardigans, active wear, and tees. Jeans, short pants, cropped pants, and long pants are also available for the taking at low prices. Men can also grab some great deals by keeping an eye out for clearance items and new arrivals on the What’s New and Special Offer pages.

The latest deals and bargains are posted on Wholesale7.net’s What’s New page. The list of items is continually updated each day and features fashion apparel and accessories for both men and women. Customers can shop the recent arrivals, which may include dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories such as jewelry, hats, and gloves.

Wholesale7.net has a Special Offer page that includes hot ticket items at rock bottom prices. Customers can grab great bargains on all their favorites, which includes clearance items that have been recently marked down. Some examples of the latest picks posted on the Special Offer page includes gorgeous blouses, mini dresses, trench coats, T shirts, and women’s and men’s shoes.


Wholesale7.net - Online clothing and fashion store from China

One of the top highlights of Wholesale7.net is Point Mall. The feature provides customers with a way to accumulate points that can later be applied as a discount when they place an order. When customers register and set up a free account, they get a $7 coupon that they can apply to their first purchase. As an added perk, 200 points are added to their account.

When registered Point Mall members login each day to Wholesale7.net they get more points added to their account. Other ways that members can get points is by making a purchase and then providing feedback about the product. The Buyer Show allows Wholesale7.net members the opportunity to upload product photos along with their ratings for even more points.

Wholesale7.net also has a unique online shopping tool to help customers with their apparel purchases. The site has an international size chart that includes measurement guideline conversions for several countries. There are size charts for clothing, shoes, and wedding dresses. The standard measurement chart for wedding gowns is helpful as it includes the shoulder to floor length measurements to make sure you get the correct fit when placing your order.


The prices of the products on Wholesale7.net are reflective of the company name – rock bottom deals and great bargains that are affordable. Many of the products sold on Wholesale7.net are in the range of about $10 to $20. The Under $5 page offers some really great sales where customers can quickly snatch up all their fashion favorites. Customers can also get substantial savings on stock sale items that have been reduced for a quick sale.

Wholesale7.net is a virtual utopia for shoppers that are looking to snap up the latest fashion apparel and accessories at really low prices. The company offers a wide range of merchandise for both men and women that includes newly released styles to keep you fashionably attired from head to toe. Bargains can be found everywhere with discounted prices. You can save even more by scouring the web for coupons that you can apply to your order to make it a truly great deal.


Wholesale7.net provides customers with several ways to help them resolve any issues with their orders. Email addresses are posted on their site so customers can contact the reps directly using either their Google Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. There is an option to use WhatsApp to reach Wholesale7.net along with Skype. Wholesale7.net also has their phone number and mailing address listed as alternative ways for contacting customer support.

Wholesale7.net uses several delivery companies to ship orders to their customers. Once an order has been placed, customers can easily track the progress of their purchase and use the tracking number if any problems arise. Some countries have customs policies that may delay the receipt of orders, so if you are unsure of the status of your order, contact Wholesale7.net as well as the delivery company for further information.

Customers that may prefer to talk directly to a customer service representative about their orders can contact Wholesale7.net by phone instead of going the route of using an automated response system such as email. The company maintains an online chat service as well, which offers another way to get in touch with a rep to resolve any issues with their purchase. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides additional help. Working hours for a response are 10:00 – 23:00 GMT8 Beijing time zone.


Wholesale7.net - Online clothing and fashion store from China

Wholesale7.net promotes their products on several social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. Check out their Facebook page to get the latest scoop on current sales and hot deals. Enjoy photos of the latest fashion apparel and share your comments and “like” your favorites.

Be inspired by the gorgeous dresses on Twitter and follow the postings by Tweeting your support. Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr also provide previews of the latest fashion arrivals for you to enjoy. As an added Perk, Wholesale7.net will give you member points for your account that you can apply toward future orders if you share their products on any of these social networking sites.


Wholesale7.net - Online clothing and fashion store from China

Ordering products from another country is not necessarily a bad experience, but customers should be aware that they may encounter some problems that are commonly associated with international shipping. Your order will likely not arrive as fast as it has to travel a much longer distance to get to your home. Some countries also have special customs policies relative to importing items. Your order could get held up for a few days during the process while crossing the border into your own country.

In the event that your order may get held up or lost in transit, be prepared to have to resolve the issue, which may take a few extra days. You may have to contact the company that is shipping your order to find out exactly where it is if you have not received it within a reasonable amount of time. Wholesale7.net uses shippers that provide tracking numbers, which will help make the process of locating your order that much easier.


Wholesale7.net - Online clothing and fashion store from China

Navigating Wholesale7.net was a breeze as the site is user friendly. The layout with their detailed drop-down menus makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. If customers have any problems, the site provides several helpful ways to resolve issues or problems.

Discount fashion apparel retailers such as Wholesale7.net are a great way to snatch up the latest fashion apparel at rock bottom prices. Customers can get bargain deals on beautiful styles that would normally command much higher prices at other stores and retail outlets.