Tbdress.com Reviews

TBDress.com sells over 10 million products to customers across 230 countries. The company specializes in high quality dresses, but also sells other clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Finding the prefect dress for a special occasion can be difficult. Many high-end clothing stores are overly expensive and only offer a limited selection for customers to choose from.

TBDress.com is committed to bringing customers the lowest prices on apparel without sacrificing quality. Customers can find not only millions of trendy and affordable dresses, but also suits, shoes and accessories.

About TBDress.com

TBDress.com was founded in 2010 and has since grown to sell over 10 million products to customers across 230 countries. The company specializes in high quality dresses, but also sells other clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Customers are even able to order custom fitted items for special events such as weddings or proms. No matter what the occasion, shoppers can find the perfect outfit on TBDress.com.

The Best Features of TBDress.com

TBDress.com sells high-end fashion to customers all over the world. The company is dedicated to bringing customers the absolute lowest prices on trendy apparel and accessories. Customers can save even more money shopping with TBDress.com by taking advantage of holiday sales and daily specials. The website also frequently posts coupon codes that customers can use at checkout to save up to 80% on an order. New members get a 5% discount on their first purchase just for signing up.

Cheap Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Special Occasion Dress online for Sale : Tbdress.com

All new TBDress.com members are eligible to earn rewards through the site’s VIP Program as soon as they complete their first order. VIP customers can earn exclusive discounts and monthly coupons just for choosing to shop with TBDress.com. The more that a VIP member spends, the more discounts he or she will receive. There are three levels of VIP membership, including:

  • Bronze ($0.01-$300): 1% discount and monthly $5 coupon
  • Silver ($300-$2000): 3% discount and monthly $10 coupon
  • Gold ($2000+): 6% discount and monthly $20 coupon


Cheap Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Special Occasion Dress online for Sale : Tbdress.com

The TBShow Program is another easy way for loyal customers to earn rewards. Shoppers that have purchased a dress or other article of clothing can simply post a photograph of the item to receive a $10 off coupon. To collect a $15 off coupon, customers can post a positive seller review of TBDress.com to an online retailer rating website.

TBDress.com operates an affiliate program that customers can also take advantage of to earn some extra cash. The Affiliate program is completely open to all website members and requires no upfront payments or hidden fees. By simply promoting TBDress.com on a personal website, blog or social media page, affiliates can earn a base 10% commission on any sales that they drive to the site. The Affiliate Program both helps shoppers to save money and helps TBDress.com to expand its customer base.

Customers that operate a successful fashion blog or have a significant social media following can receive between $40 and $200 worth of clothing and accessories each month from TBDress.com. In exchange for this free merchandise, all a blogger has to do is post online product reviews and recommend TBDress.com to friends and followers.

TBDress.com makes it easy to save and even earn extra money while shopping for trendy clothing through deals, promotions and loyalty programs. The website also provides guests with resources designed to help shoppers choose quality clothing and create an attractive ensemble. Visitors can view a five star rating for every product along with honest customer reviews. By reading feedback from other TBDress members, shoppers can make informed purchasing decisions.

While the TBDress customer review system helps shoppers to fill their cart with quality products, the Style&Show page can help fashion conscious guests to design an outfit or cultivate a particular style. Customers can see pictures and read descriptions of how other customers have mixed and matched different TBDress products. The Style&Show page makes it easy for shoppers to keep up with the most popular fashion trends.

Cheap Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Special Occasion Dress online for Sale : Tbdress.com

TBDress.com also operates a blog where customers are able to find even more fashion tips. The company posts useful advice on how to plan outfits for any occasion, from hitting the club to attending a wedding. TBDress.com also owns an active Facebook page, Twitter feed and Tumblr account. Customers can follow the company on its social media pages to read about the latest products, promotions and company news.

A handful of TBDress.com customers have complained that their items were delivered late or that they never received an order at all. In these instances, it can be difficult to obtain a refund. There have also been a small number of customers that received the incorrect item. While customer support can be contacted for an exchange, this can be time consuming and inconvenient for a customer that needs her dress by a certain date.

TBDress.com Customer Service

Cheap Dresses, Wedding Dresses & Fashion Special Occasion Dress online for Sale : Tbdress.com

The TBDress.com customer service department can be reached on Monday to Friday from 9.30a.m. until 6.30p.m. GMT. Shoppers can reach a representative either by calling +86-29-68532816 or by emailing [email protected]

Pros of TBDress.com

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  • Holiday sales and coupon codes
  • 5% off for new customers
  • VIP Program
  • TBShow
  • Affiliate Program
  • Fashion Blogger Program
  • Style&Show
  • Social media presence

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Cons of TBDress.com

  • Late or incorrect deliveries
  • Occasionally difficult to get a refund

Why Should I Use TBDress.com?

tbdress.com - Buy cheap clothes with latest fashion design and more

TBDress.com brings customers high-end clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Shoppers can save money by taking advantage of deals and discounts, loyalty programs, and even by helping to promote the website. TBDress.com can send standard sized items or custom tailor a dress so that it fits perfectly.

Customers are able to find help planning an outfit or cultivating a style by reading fashion articles posted by the TBDress.com team. The company blog can help customers to choose and accessorize the perfect outfit for any occasion. TBDress also operates a unique Style&Show page where the site collaborates with members to promote popular products. Guests can see pictures of what other customers have purchased for stylistic inspiration.

TBDress.com sells almost every article of women’s clothing imaginable along with formalwear for men and children, but specializes in providing dresses for important occasions. TBDress is the ideal destination for women planning weddings, attending prom, or searching for a dress to wear to the boss’s dinner party. Customers are able to save hundreds on beautiful gowns, which can help to significantly drive down the cost of an expensive event such as a wedding or formal dance.

TBDress.com makes it easy to stay fashionable without breaking the bank. The selection of high-end clothing available is ideal for special occasions and important events. Women can find affordable clothing and accessories along with helpful fashion advice. The website even sells inexpensive, high quality formalwear for men and children. By shopping with TBDress.com, customers can find the perfect outfit to suit any occasion.